Opioid Maintenance Therapy

Opiate abuse and addiction is epidemic in the United States. With the rise in abuse of prescription painkillers, more and more people are turning to heroin when their supply runs out.

Methadone is a time-tested therapy for opiate addiction. When combined with counselng, it is an effective treatment with a high success rate.  Duane Dean Behavioral Health is the only facility in Kankakee County and adjoining Iroquois County to the south that provides this as an outpatient service.

The agency adheres to all state and federal regulations relative to the implementation of the Opioid Treatment Program.  Services are directed at reducing or eliminating the use of illicit drugs, criminal activity and the spread of infectious disease while improving the quality of life and functioning of the client.

Duration of treatment is based on individual need. Prior to admission, all clients receive the following medical services from an Intervention Medical Referral Service or other primary care physicians:

  • Complete physical examination
  • Laboratory tests to include a complete blood count, urine profile and tuberculosis testing
  • Gynecological testing
  • An initial urine screening

Treatment follows rehabilitation stages in sufficient duration to meet the needs of each person served which includes initial treatment of zero to seven days in duration; early stabilization lasting up to eight (8) weeks;  and  long-term treatment, medical maintenance and referral for immediate emergency medical treatment when needed.

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